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My teenage daughter and I started out with raising ADGA registered goats. Animals have always been a passion of ours. We've always been excited to face new challenges. We like to be different and thought that adding more Texas Longhorns to Northern Wisconsin would be fun for us and others to enjoy as well.  

We breed and raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for pets and their milk lines. We have not yet gotten into making anything with their milk, but is a prospect for the future. They are friendly and lovable as well. 

There is a huge love for dogs in the household. Usually different breeds with every generation. With the farm and the need for Livestock Guardians we decided to bring Great Pyrenees. We currently have Yeti and Zoey & their son Casper. We plan to continue breeding them for livestock guardian puppies.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to build our farm and home school my teens. To be able to teach them the hands on lifestyle, respect and responsibility. On what little free time the kids do have. They both spend it working so they are able to grow the farm in their own ways. 

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